Text excerpt: 

J.J.:  If we only knew what happened.
Kim:  Has time turned against us? 
Joseph:  Are we the ghosts of our ancestors? 
Akua:  Wisdom is a book of seven seals. 
Galit:  Can anything be done? 
Kim:  What can we do? 
Andrei:  In the midst of winter I found within me an invincible summer. 
Joseph:  Carnival is over. 
Kim:  Is this the end?
Galit:  The end of imagination is the end. 
Aton:  Is it a joke? 
Akua:  Do we have to learn to live faster? 
J.J.:  Or die more slowly? 
Kim:  What day is today? 
Joseph:  Where is the land of our dreams? 
J.J.:  We will wander with veneration and respect through the deserts of civilization. 
Andrei:  Nothing makes sense, nothing seems to fit.  
Aton:  Without a second thought, I have the feeling it’s out of control.
Akua:  Let’s start from scratch! Before we drop dead. The poison is in us - the poison is around us. Our friends set out hours ago to find food and water. When are they coming back? Are they coming back? What about tomorrow? 
Akua:  Do you hear that noise?
Joseph:  Sounds like - a bee. 
Galit:  Does anyone know if there are still bees?
Kim:  How can you think of bees right now?
Aton:  Bees play a vital role in pollinating flowering plants, and they are the most important pollinator in ecosystems that contain flowering plants. It is estimated that one third of the human food supply depends on insect pollination, most of which is accomplished by bees.
Kim:  Shut up, will you! I can’t stand that bullshit!
Akua:  Hey, calm down. You’re still upset about the loss of your friends, your family, your neighborhood. Well, aren’t we all? But what she says is so touching!
Galit:  He’s right, I mean, if bees die out, it’s no joke. Are we going to pollinate the flowering plants ourselves?
Andrei:  There is a big gap between rhetoric and action.
Joseph:  I think we should comb the woods and collect all the berries left over from last year. We might also find something else to eat.
Aton:  I may even find a loophole to paradise somewhere.
J.J.:  We have no chance of survival in the long run. We’re the only ones left. We’ve lost all our people, bright people: professors, industrialists, doctors, specialists in all fields like software engineers, financial experts, all our economic forces are gone –
Akua:  (ironic) They were so damn bright!
Aton:  That's a fine mess we've gotten ourselves into.
Galit:  What we need now is someone who knows about farming.
Andrei:  What’s the food of the future?
Joseph:  The future is the past.
Akua:  Even if the soil is dry and toxic: we have to do the planting or there’ll be no harvest next year.
Aton:  Yes, we do need food!
Kim:  I’m not hungry –
J.J.:  Count yourself lucky. 
Galit:  That’s strange, I’m not hungry either and we haven’t eaten for a long time!
Andrei:  She’s right, nobody’s hungry. We’re just talking about food out of habit.
Aton:  Maybe we aren’t real.
Joseph:  This isn’t reality.
Kim:  What day is today?
J.J.:  Maybe we’ve just lost our appetite.
Galit:  I can’t even remember what it feels like to be hungry. But one day, I suppose, I will be hungry again.
Kim:  What a mess! Utter chaos. Maybe you’re right, this can’t be the real world.
Akua:  Strange. I have a feeling I am not real either.


© 2010, text by Daniel Glaser and Magdalena Kunz